As a teacher, I am the product of my training at the University of Houston, an urban, international university in one of the nation’s largest and most diverse cities, and the University of Delaware, a smaller east-coast school with a liberal-arts style environment. At both institutions, I gained valuable experience that permits me to meet the needs of students from a broad range of academic and cultural backgrounds. I have continued to develop my skills in helping students hone their skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking while teaching at Shenandoah University, George Mason, Arizona State, and now at Xavier College Preparatory.

I enjoy thinking through the processes of how my courses can best help students achieve their goals, and strive to design innovative, interdisciplinary courses and lessons. For example, at the University of Delaware I designed and taught an honors-level writing course that defamiliarized race for students through readings that sequenced Victorian-era science fiction novels like The Island of Dr. Moreau followed by twentieth-century American novels like To Kill a Mockingbird. In my American literature courses students have analyzed portraits of Frederick Douglass alongside his writings to study how writers and artists use image and text to construct racial sensibilities among their readership. In order to achieve focused class goals, I have used DEVO’s music video cover of the Rolling Stone’s “Satisfaction” to teach postmodern transatlantic poetry, and the visual landscapes of contemporary photographer Travis Roozee’s online exhibition “Centralia” to teach thick descriptive writing. An article that outlines my methods for teaching race through defamiliarization appeared in the January 2016 issue of Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Language, Literature, Composition, and Culture.

I  bring energy and excitement to my teaching through combinations of dynamic lectures, systematic class discussions, and directed group work that engage and assist students in achieving course goals. My literature courses employ writing to enhance student skills in reading and analysis. In my process-oriented writing courses students to read classic and contemporary writing to sharpen their skills in thinking critically and writing arguments. Outside of the classroom, my students meet with me frequently for one-to-one support. Students often remark how much they look forward to coming to class. Recent student evaluations indicate that my teaching methods are highly successful, and that my courses have helped students feel empowered in their thinking, writing, and reading effectiveness inside and outside of the classroom.

A list of courses that I have taught at different institutions, as well as a brief description of each, is provided below.

Teaching Experience:

Xavier College Preparatory (2017-19)
ENGL 3: Great Books/AP American Literature
ENGL 3: Honors English: Survey of American Literature
ENGL 2: Honors English

Scottsdale Community College (2016-17)
ENGL 101: First-Year Writing I 
ENGL 102: First-Year Writing II 

Arizona State University (2016)
ENGL 101: First-Year Writing I 

George Mason University (2016)
ENGL 302M: Advanced Composition 

Shenandoah University (2015)
ENGL 101: Freshman Composition

University of Delaware (2010-2015)
ENGL 204: American Literature 
ENGL 110H: From Taliban to Timbuktu: Politics, Romance, and "The Middle East" 
ENGL 110H: The Monstrous and the Human
ENGL 110: English Composition 
Tutoring:Writing Tutor: University of Delaware Writing Center
Graduate Writing Tutor, University of Delaware Dissertation Bootcamp

University of Houston (2008-2010)
ENGL 1303: English Composition I 
ENGL 1304: English Composition II                                  

 Professional Development and Service
Assistant Coach, LaCrosse, Xavier College Preparatory, 2018 (JV), 2019 (Varsity).
Assistant Coach, Cross Country, Xavier College Preparatory, 2017. AZ State Champion Runner-up, Girls Varsity.
Teacher Adviser, “Tyrant,” Declaration Resources Project, Harvard University, 2017-Present.
Summer Seminar in the History of the Book, American Antiquarian Society, 2013. 
Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth, NH, 2012.
Graduate Teaching Mentor, University of Delaware, 2011, 2014.
Graduate Student Mentor, University of Delaware, 2011, 2012, 2014
Co-President, Graduate English Society, University of Houston, 2009-2010
Lower Division Committee Representative, Graduate English Society, U of Houston 2008-9